Anne Walton and Michelle Outram - Ryan Leech


Ryan Leech

Interdisciplinary creator Anne Walton and sound artist Michelle Outram, combined their efforts in a performative research project at The Performance Space, in Sydney. From this situation, as a participating viewer, I derive the following poesis.

A hand reaches to cleanse layers of
glass- and reflection
time displaces space
as if between cause
or causation
windex-residue evaporates.
By lighting and cloth
- reflection, the image
the layer
revealing by-revealing, concealment.
Preparation for the event, which never
…comes- cometh

wound drapes bound w/hands,
an assistant as surrogacy
.A doorbell chimes each 2 minutes
a timekeeper chimeric
ladder, performer-costume unmasked
w/harsh shadow
ladder as sillouette
as layer
- disjunctive relay of reflex tions
to view alternating
conditions of specificity

Cleans inner Ilya Kabakov
Desiring escape
.From MANhole?
-( causation as castration)?
.The impermanence of fixtures

……………and Bergson- the
real action passes though
- the virtual action remains.