Joanne Burns


composition method:

i) i trawled through an inner-city newsletter and assembled various phrases and fragments, 'renovating' them fairly often -
ii) added my own images and phrases as they made their presences felt -
iii) used a line from arnold's 'the scholar gypsy' -
iii.a) & a slessorian gesture -
iv) referenced a billboard ad from the kings cross underground railway station -
v) took particles from articles and ads in a business magazine or two -
vi) and that scam email [at last put to work - tho haven't had one of those for ages] -



the wall smashing ceremony via legislation stops rats running right through the last mass grab a pollution project with a rehearsal space and win a double pass extra roads completed inside parliament for pets on exit journeys you find it i find it sandstone locksmith look for a grain eligibility criteria indicate notre dame as the next premier recent cafes congratulate pedestrian driven emergencies on fixed leases impatient beds monitor tennis bypass philosophies for a sacred heart open air swim pools pump trees with valleys of liquor parish services shadow a quarter million power point bureaucrats large volumes of seawater assess them every year a lullaby of chlorine seems dirtier than childhood letterbox city delirious with policy what gurgling miscreants choir under these streets


'suck it and see approach' to local traffic access i am
MR.TEDDY SMITH, a miner, soliciting your consent
with respect to capital flight to the tune of SEVEN MILLION,
the rum corps has traded up for daiquiris on the travelator at
the global happy hour bears and bulls exchange emails with
saint vitus, 'ill-marketed by moonlight' announces detective inspector
beattie bow as white rabbits invade the tank stream in another
pedestrian scam 'waiting for the spark of heaven to fall'
the scholar mutters to the library on his back


boardroom poison, the new soup for summer, cheap as money living exclusively at the soul apartments beyond the road block; grudges against eyewear require rebundling ditch the partnership and relocate to you-time for a seminar surprise grind that glass like seed: