Derek Motion



northeast of word / the development every third economic Asia

End----to----End standards but
the second major objective is community
demographers / social scientists will please discuss
why customers that bought 9 versions
of an original Indian melody
also bought the Whitehouse's features,
4 they fail to impress, like Yahoo growth:
all salon haircut & oldspice
snubbing his unrecognised father
as a response
I sure manage to squeeze everything into ppl -
comparative politics & a Maltese leader
but these applicants
don't look far for ideas,
so I test embedded-core IC's on them
& laugh.oh fuck
have the A A Advantage & they all say
sure, no problem
but by the middle of the 19th century (at least)
empirical investigation lacked brute force,
now there is a fast trade in
& I know, I'll launch the IT2000 Masterplan
again as something to do
& make dismal just a bit less gloomy
as if this isn't only the 3rd stage of global change,
but language & video-wiring
have no specific logical expression,
& society is exposed,
with the U.S. state department now
nothing but an official athletic site.
service is an equation.


movies to understand

individuals who are paid to work
suffer ventral occipital lesions.
the impact of television.
is global like no other
two-bit mistake.

there is eminent reality
a source for FREE TV
& arts have an edge.

always a party at the palace,
students observing animals
in their element
beneath the ancient oaks.
groping for solutions:
surface mining.

regard. dream.
& try not to blanche at the beautiful
independent experiment
period -
there is a Caribbean paradise where
you can finally lay hold of the Tao.


what's high blood pressure
in the Sydney morning?
its easy to warm up &
growth: mesoscopic;
all the better to
assess the English Language -
no space between
boxes, desks, walls.

here you can understand
relationship violence
while getting results
& a free-read of Henry IV,
an unglamorous process
in the train of explosion
payment service allows
of course / but it's all
critically acclaimed
like the top40 charts.

so poetry is untitled to assist:
offering information
it is a compilation
a map of a friend
the largest autonomous agency
for personality & designer park addresses.

& there are dozens of digital handouts.

i took a book (old text-book types - one on economics, one movies, one literacy)
& from pages 3, 33, & 333 I took every third word. Then I fed groups of three
words into google, and took the third result. Then just organising into cool
lines.(+the email formatting/disturbing)