Simon Taylor


(in no particular order)

1.“Latham lets fly on Howard, Bush and threat to Australia,” New Zealand Herald, 20 September, 2005
2.The Pure Weight of the Heart, by Antonella Gambotto
3.The Trial, by Franz Kafka
4.The End of Time, by Julian Barbour
5.Qantas E-ticket Itinerary and Receipt, smallprint
6.“HELP ME,” email message from signed Mr. Pao
7.What Am I Doing Here, by Bruce Chatwin, from a passage transcribing Ernst Juenger in Diaries, volumes I-III (so, 8.)

(Using Fibonacci series as mode of selection and Golden Ratio as mode of form)

my honeymoon penitent child conferred his blessing
I was a lamprey and my shifting form female
a counterpart for the useful earth a resource
of shifting maps my honeymoon penitent my blessing
and his I think a lamprey my earth female
my child system and shifting I my resource
and holding regret to signify an eel's blessing
his mirror functions of addition and possession female

a rural cemetery those many gates were points
of enunciating my memory tattoo its delirious repeat
once the unspoken assumption the manner it evolved style
its habit its high gates were those fingers points
a memory fingers us unspoken my first repeat
life a cemetery its first evolved repeat
ah churchyard exits a prejudice of consumed style
once childlike desire opens us a country points

the way as in the text explained as similar
by the next summons to K. the same differing
flammable few for passengers safety the cockpit
for most as for the few as during no similar
no corresponding dangerous airport summons in the cockpit
text or during safety for most after K. similar
paths judged duplicitous as KK. because differing
in airport and duration referred to by court text of the cockpit

Australia's key alliance is the despotism
that was he warns and honour said rhetoric was virtue
reasons for security printed and other notes
knives or baggage the diaries will and despotism
the leader expresses Australia's problems virtue
and other kind printed diaries knives notes
were race fair self black power despotism
trade complex had've backstabbed USA for virtue

dear friend your indulgence I moved your Swiss account
earlier in rain a firing squad of women Helen
meaning my lover awake at night knew Joe
he most in your indulgence of rain Helen
dear a squad of women moved my account
I apologise dear he most moved knew Joe
your squirming greed your wet clear jealous account
and god dream blindfolded the unconscious betrayal of Helen