Louise Waller


Inter-textural graphs 1

Pre-emptive Karma – 131

Sacred cows are slaughtered daily.
Who’s that knock, knock,
knocking at my door?

You are being watched
they get letters, comment
on private harms

between the lines,

Tornado siren – 132

Robber-barons run roughshod -- mulling
an idea over -- been wanting to get it
off my chest.

Reading in the dark, Terri Shiava
has died. Track back the juggler,
fifth horseman (of the) apocalypse.

American gothic -- episode two
not to be archived.
Sirens prostitute, a gorgeous voice.

Running the squares (methodically built)
workers in the night, mystery men revised,
“they are pissing in your face, and you say …”

Astronomy without a telescope – 133

Naked eye being earth-bound
five planets visible, on the
meridian, the new moon

(as) you turn your head.
That would be

Inter-textural graphs 2

Buddha’s fingers – 201

Crepuscular rays out of shadow,
the forged beauty of light
through gaps in clouds,
on parallel furrows
of freshly ploughed

Vowels of sorrow – 202

‘poetry has investigated itself’
Rules its own purity
born in the furrows, waiting for something
which will not come, a sort of miraculous

A book of songs dedicated to …
or iconicity (as particular)
pushing language, to realize
the forgotten.

Many layers – 203

Rounding the notorious,
landscape turns to appreciate
the wisdom of pulled gravity.

At the world’s edge
ramshackle checkpoints
in uphill stretches.

Inter-textural graphs 3

Speaking in pebbles – 311

Bulldozing white stucco from the landscape,
the incessant knocking of the past and home.
From potentiality to loss, a seamless mesh
of givens, the way things fall apart.

Enough rocks have survived – 312

The nervous breakthroughs jump the fossilized.
Fallen ashes magnetize, still falling in the forest
of mosaic comparatives. These rare and limited
shards, set to mystify the coming archeologists.

Monumental – 313

Robust reconstructions fail on the scale that is visualized,
(gaps in knowledge reveal the sampling bias towards plot).
Under bodies of surface water, crustal growth recycling.
The fleeting energies flow with viscous lava on the ground.

Studio notes – Inter-textural graphs

Work with poetry text fragments from poets I like.
Google the selected text fragments and trawl results to select text.
Number the sets using numbers 0-3, making three sets of three.
Aim to hold onto basic meaning/structure.

In the first set of three, only use the text fragments borrowed from the poet
and the found language, do not add to found language, just assemble it.

In the second set of three, use the text fragments borrowed from more than
one poet, adding to this with my own and found language, assemble it.

In the third set of three, do not use the text fragments borrowed from the
poet, just follow and trawl links it creates, assembling any found language
text without adding to it.

The poets I selected –
first set John Kinsella (poetry fragments),

second set Martin Johnston (poetry fragments),
Denise Levertov (poetry fragments),
Montale (essay excerpt),

third set Gig Ryan (poetry fragments).

I found the first set much more enjoyable, because I could not add anything and because the assembly process was easier.
The second set was less enjoyable for reasons of ‘babble’ possibly having more than one author to process, but was not too difficult.
The third set was difficult and seemed to have nothing to do with the selected text fragment from the poet, the pressure to write meaning from a link that I could not add to in order to insert relevance was less enjoyable but stretched my ideas on what to find.