Kristin Hannaford


big my secret

First always compose afternoons. Each epic
day above demise, calmed by art

Dutiful, desire ends easily focusing fingertips
adagio against black chords. Fresh eye

circles backwards, everywhere beyond beauty

the attraction of the peddling ankle

A constant grace
abstract conditions guide
deeply cognitive gestures.
Appears clear – go!

askew down cliff dangling cycle

air circulates, gliders
about cruise glimpse
dusty cyclist grazed
Abject conundrum. Grunting

ashamedly deciding cycle damage: critical

The method:
Select 2 pieces of music from one composer/songwriter (this first piece is from Michael Nyman's score for The Piano and pieces ‘Big My Secret’ and ‘The attraction of the pedaling ankle’) Using the first line transcribe notes as letters - write lines with words using those first letters. Keep original titles of music.

* 1st piece uses right hand notation only, 2nd piece includes both left and right hand scores.