Jill Jones



Willows are drinking again in the thickness
they begin and progress somewhat peculiarly, there’s wanting
in the melting honeydew.

Would I be bored by a drained windswept pool?
What more could I eat beside it?

But come, ride me in triple nightmare to a funeral
as if responsible for something: lights, water
ruffled and filled
to our roots in the sea.


To have left scarcely a trace of pain behind
what kind of knowledge is that?
nor is it complete to this day.

The doors and windows were torn from their frames
what kind of intensities?
the first shadow on the glamour.

Thriving on the unburied bodies
more present than ever
a city that did not exist before.


Stood shivering in a night.
Was that mistaken?
An atmosphere snug enough
at the other end of the line.

Upsetting the glass
there was plenty of time
to drink up as usual
as though afraid of being heard.

When a door opened.


Number one

Three books by poets chosen off the shelf:
Janet Frame, The Pocket Mirror
Alice Notley, Selected Poems
Roo Borson, Short Journey Upriver Toward Oishida

1. Choose three lines, one each in turn until there are nine, using 1st
line from first poem in Borson book, second from second poem in Notley
book, third line from third poem in Frame book, fourth line from fourth
poem in Borson book etc (skipping poems with not enough lines)
2. Readjust punctuation, grammar and rewrite minimally.

Number Two
Three books of prose chosen off the shelf:
W.G. Sebald, On the Natural History of Destruction
Susan Sontag, Where the Stress Falls
Joan Didion, Where I Was from

1. Choose three phrases/lines, one each in turn until there are nine,
using 1st paragraph from first chapter/section in Sebald book, second
from second essay in Sontag book, third from third chapter in Didion
book, fourth from fourth/section chapter in Sebald book etc (skipping
quotes from other writers in the works)
2. Readjust punctuation only.

Number Three
Three books by Georges Simenon chosen from the pile:
The Strangers in the House
Maigret and the Idle Burglar
Monsieur Monde Vanishes

1. Choose three lines/phrases, one each in turn, 1st line from first
paragraph of 1st book listed, etc until there are nine etc (skipping
paragraphs with not enough lines and skipping short bursts of dialogue)
2. Readjust punctuation, grammar and rewrite minimally.