Jon Rose and Hollis Taylor : Vineta Lagsdina


Jon Rose and Hollis Taylor Bowing Fences
George Adams Gallery, Victorian Arts Centre Melbourne Festival 18 October - 3 November.

When thinking about the rustic Australian fence, and then considering that the world's longest fence is the so-called Dingo Fence and Rabbit Proof Fence I might have been expecting rather spatial and long gradual transformations of sound overlapping amongst terrestial currents as I entered the Victorian Arts Centre. But even as I crossed St. Kilda Road I could hear the drama of deep pulsations, rhythms ricocheting through the architecture to spin off into celestial harmonics.
Jon and Hollis were in full swing, a bow in each hand and moving along
the 16 meter length of piano wired fence. Jon swings a fine bow as most of us know and was the more spectacular performer, with Hollis holding good ground but watching him more than he watched her. As an artist I notice these things. Nonetheless it was exciting.
The installation was kind-o'-neat in it's layout with barbed wire separating the (instrument) fence and posts; with images, stories and sound documenting the lives and voices of people who build and live with these fences. At other times the previous day's performances would be playing during gallery hours which were up to 11pm.
And it seems that "Bowing Fences" continues as an expanding concept for Jon Rose, as well as a travelling one.
Vineta Lagzdina